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2024 Art in the Park September 21st and 22nd

Hurricane Shoals
Annual Civil Wa
r Reenactment


This year’s reenactments for Art in The Park 2023 will be of two local battles in our area on Northeast Georgia.
Saturday’s Battle at 4:30 will be the Reenactment of The Battle of Kings Tanyard.

In 1864 Union General Stoneman ( a detachment of Gen Shermans army) and some of his men were captured at The Battle of Sunshine Church a few miles from Gray Ga. His Brigade continued toward Athens, but were stopped by local militia, so they bypassed Athens, and went to Jug Tavern ( now Winder) and were met by Gen Breckenridge, and the Kentucky Brigade at Kings Tanyard. This took place on August 3rd 1864.

Several hundred union soldiers were captured, as the Confederate Army defeated what was left of Stoneman's Brigade.
Sunday’s Battle at 1:00 pm reenacts The Battle of The Narrows. This took place on October 12th 1864. The Narrows is located in the upper end of Banks county, at the Habersham County line.

Union Gen. Sherman had sent out Cavalry units into Northeast Georgia Mountain area, but didn't realize many local units were home on furlough after the burning of Atlanta, to tend their crops. The Union Cavalry were met by local residents, and the Southern Units at the Narrows. They were pushed back from Northeast Georgia, by the local militia, and The Confederate Army, saving that area of homes and farms from being burned and destroyed.

  • The battle reenactment is Saturday at 4:30 pm and Sunday at 1:00 pm.

  • The Living History area will be open to the public and we ask for you to come in and ask questions.

  • Join us at 11:00 am on Sunday for an old fashioned church service in the chapel.

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