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The Weber Family performs at the second annual Tony and Ann Ianuario Memorial Bluegrass Festival held September 15, 2012 at Hurricane Shoals Park amphitheater, near Maysville, Georgia.

Performances at the Amphitheater

The Tumbling Waters Society obtained the services of a playwright who wrote “Inheritance of the Heart” which was based on the early history of Jackson County. This play was staged in 1986, 1987, and 1988.

In 1989, a new play was written and produced, the title of which was “The Accidental Quest: The Crawford W. Long Story.” This was the story of Dr. Crawford W. Long’s discovery of ether as an anesthetic, the operation having been performed in Jefferson, Jackson County, Georgia in 1842.

The drama productions have been well done and for the most part well received. They have not been successful financially and due to several other production problems associated with the 1989 event, it was decided that no production would be staged in 1990. The drama committee of Tumbling Waters is reevaluating the entire process as to the practicality of a self-sustaining historical drama.

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