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Wood Caretaker's House

Wood Caretaker’s House

Caleb Wood, who was one of the early settlers in Harmony Grove (now known as Commerce), lived 3 miles northeast of town; but had purchased a tract of land near the center of Commerce. He divided the land among his four sons, one of whom, Jesse P. Wood, received the tract on State Street (old Carnesville Street). Jesse built this small structure in the early 1800’s.

A larger home was built in front of the smaller one, which was then used as the caretaker’s house. This structure was preserved by his daughter, Miss Jesse Wood, in her backyard. The larger home was the birthplace of Dr. L. G. Hardman, former Governor of Georgia.

At one time the editor of the local paper lived and operated the paper from this building. The property was bought by Tom Conn, who owned Little Ward Funeral Home on the adjoining lot. Years later, the larger home burned, but the firemen and Mr. Conn took care to preserve the smaller structure.

This house is said to have been the oldest still standing in Commerce when the current owners of Little Ward Funeral Home donated it to the Tumbling Waters Society.

The structure was moved to Heritage Village in two pieces by Jackson County in January 2002. The chimney was rebuilt and the structure is currently being restored by Sue Rylee.

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