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The Miles Wilson Matthews Chapel of Heritage Village

The Miles Wilson Matthews Chapel of Heritage Village


The Center Presbyterian Church was organized December 6, 1891 by the Rev. Joseph B. Mack, D. D. and several leaders in its organization were: Miss Ida Daily, Mrs. C. C. Chandler, Mr. G. W. Barber, Mr. W. L. Barber, and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Brown. Ida Daily became the third wife of Dan Matthews and stepmother to Miles Wilson Matthews, who was an Elder in the Church — 1907. The church was located on Highway 441 North in Center, Georgia. In the early 1900’s it had good membership, but gradually the families moved away.

A windstorm blew down one wall of the church in June 1932 and services were held in the Methodist Church for the next year. In August 1933, the church was rebuilt. Mrs. Miles W. Matthews was active in its rebuilding and raising monies for the debt incurred. Preaching began again on September 10, 1933 and the church was free of debt.

In 1945, the Prebytery reported the Center church to be a weak and struggling Home Mission church with only ten members and with the Rev. Pete Phillips coming from Athens to preach. The church no longer held services after 1947. Dwight M. Matthews, sole surviving Elder and Secretary/Treasurer of the church, deeded the church building to the Jackson County Historical Society on August 12, 1992.

The Tumbling Waters Society of Jackson County moved the building 23 miles north to Hurricane Shoals Park to the site of the proposed Heritage Village in September 1993. Renovations have been paid for by this Society. Renovations were made by Smith Wilson of Athens and through numerous volunteer efforts of local Countians.

Jackson County Commissioners purchased property and buildings for the County from Tumbling Waters in December 1995. Dedication ceremonies were held at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, September 22, 1996. The Church was dedicated as the Miles Wilson Matthews Chapel. The Chapel is NO longer available for rentals.


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