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James Wood Cabin and Palmer Corn Crib

James Wood Cabin and Palmer Corn Crib

In the late 1700’s or very early 1800’s James Wood built this log cabin with the help of his father, Reverend Henry Wood of South Carolina, formerly of Virginia and a Revolutionary soldier. Both were listed as 1812 veterans. In 1814 James Wood married Mariah Porter and settled in his new home. Their eleven children were born in the Cabin. The original Cabin had a shake roof and two rooms.

The Cabin has remained in the Wood Family for generations, having been well preserved and protected by the additions of more contemporary rooms around the original structure. James Theo “Jim” Wood was the last Wood to live in the Cabin, dying in 1996 in the same room he was born in 83 years earlier.

The Cabin was donated to Tumbling Waters by the Wood Family in 2003 and moved to the Heritage Village by the County. In the fall of 2003 the structure was moved to a second location in the Village where the structure will be renovated.

The Privy behind the Cabin was donated by Nick Bledsoe in 2008.

The Palmer Corn Crib, dating from the early 1900’s, was given by Travis Palmer and moved from Nicholson in 2008.

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